Shiksha Indian

For the people & for the land

Mrs. Nisha Benerjee

    Programme Director

Henry s. Thomson

    Financial Expert

Bella Naidu

Assistant CEO of Infant Program  

Mr. Vivek Kr. Verma

Zonal Director Program .

We offer part time and full time programs,  

Our Team


The organisation is privately owned by founder Arvind Mukhargee Click the profiles below for a closer look at our incredible team.

Our Organisation dedicated to working with children. Shiksha Indian is founded in 2001 by N. K. Vanu, to provide free educational and vocational training to underprivileged children and youth. We began by adopting a government primary school and providing basic facilities, such as extra-cirricular activities and additional teachers.




Our Programme-


  • We offers free play activities related to simple math, science and language concepts togovernment schools. Other activities include circle time, stories, songs and outside play.
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of care focuses on all aspects of growth. We strongly believe that children learn best through:


  • Active exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Problem solving


Our Organisation provides a loving, understanding, comfortable, safe and nurturing environment where children will be stimulated and encouraged to develop social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills. 


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